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we prepare kids to have a better future

At Partnership for Children, we understand the saying “it takes a village“. There’s a lot that goes into making sure that children are prepared for their future! That’s why we designed our organization to tackle the issue from all possible angles. We have separate departments that work together towards the same common goal.

Ensure that every child
in Johnston County enters Kindergarten
ready to succeed

Here at Partnership, we know that in order to ensure that children have successful futures, they need a support system that is comprehensive and consistent.

That's where Partnership steps in!

By providing support to families, assistance to educators, and connecting to the community, we are actively working on creating a stronger foundation for children to be able to succeed. It may seem strange to focus on the children that have not yet even started elementary school, but here is why we’ve dedicated our efforts to children ages 0-5

Why is Birth to Five so Critical?

Did you know that the human brain
is the only organ that is not fully formed at birth?

The first five years – you guessed it, 2000 days – of a child’s life is when brains begin to establish the foundation of understanding just how the world works! This means that within those five years of life, children learn how to interact with people, recognize boundaries, manage their emotions, communicate, collaborate, and solve problems, among even more skills!
This is a lot for any child to process – which is why we know that having the right support system to encourage that growth is KEY!

This support system is the main goal at Partnership for Children. We want to see every child in Johnston County go to kindergarten ready to succeed knowing that their 0-5 experience was well supported by their family, their teachers, and their community.

our mission

The Partnership works effectively with its community partners to ensure that Johnston’s youngest residents and their families receive the best educational, health, and emotional support services possible, helping to ensure those children enjoy life-long success, and providing the maximum return on investment for those funds entrusted to the Partnership.

our Vision

Johnston County’s children will be given all the educational, health and emotional support they need to grow into engaged and productive members of our economically thriving and globally competitive community.

our staff

The Partnership team is proud to provide support and assistance to families and educators around the county, knowing that we are working together to prepare our youngest generations for a successful future.

This is Who We Are

If you believe

that children deserve to have the best possible beginning to the rest of their life.

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