Our community impact

The Partnership has made a great impact in my family. They have helped us grow as individuals and be better parents. We have received more than what we expected. They always reach out to us just to simply ask how we are doing or what else they can do to help us as a family. Having the Partnership in our lives is so important to me and my family because they are someone we can always count on.
Claudia Urbina
Over our nine-year relationship, we have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful ladies from the Partnership that have devoted their lives and careers to supporting the early childhood profession and the families and children of our community. Through technical support in the classroom and providing training for our teachers and support staff, our teachers and staff have gained a better knowledge and understanding of early childhood development and the ever-changing rules and regulations that govern our program. The outstanding technical support provided by PFCJC has personally been a blessing for me as an administrator, as I have personally gained knowledge, skill, and confidence in my position. The value of the knowledge, guidance, encouragement and support that this group of professionals has provided is immeasurable.

I cannot stress enough the importance of having the Partnership for Children and their technical assistance available to us. We at Playmates Child Care Center are so very thankful for this program and for all that they do in supporting the early childhood profession and the children and families we serve.
Angela W Rollins
Playmates Child Care and Development Center
Being a part of the Local Johnston County Family Engagement and Leadership Coalition has been an exciting adventure of self-discovery. I have been able to build my self confidence in new ways, thanks to the guidance and direction of Ms. Beth Moore and Ms. Christina Peterson. I have re-engaged my speaking skills in new ways and I have become more comfortable expressing my thoughts and presenting in front of crowds. When I was initially asked to join the local coalition, I was quite nervous. The primary focus of my energies has been our two youngest children for years now. I wondered if I was ready to embark on something new that would require me to stretch beyond my comfort zone. Joining the Statewide Accelerator team was even more unnerving because Ms. Beth and Ms. Christina would not be right there with me. But everyone on the Accelerator team has welcomed me and my ideas and my fears soon disappeared. I'm really excited about the future of the Parent Engagement project and I look forward to watching the new Framework "growing legs" and spreading the message of parent leadership across the state.
Allison Boyd
Parent Representative
My experience with the Johnston County Partnership for Children began ten years ago. As a mother of four, I occasionally checked out resources from their lending library. It was until I study Early Childhood at Johnston Community College (2018) that I started to understand the other services they have to offer. Recently, I reached out to the partnership for some support for one particular two-year-old. That support came via of Jennifer Warren. Jennifer was able to help us identify what this particular child’s needs were. She facilitated a discovery meeting with parents, in which we were able to make goals for the child and give parent next steps directions. In her follow ups visit, she showed ways to improve how the classroom staff worked together. This partnership continues to improve the quality of my teaching and the care for my students. It has also renewed my teaching joys.
Danita Buckner
Early Childhood Educator