partnership for children park

A Place for All

Imagine how you’d feel if you couldn’t take your kids to a park because one of them just had to sit and watch everyone else play? There were over 6000 JoCo kids with special needs in just that situation – until now!

On April 14, 2018 after seven years in the making, The Partnership for Children Park – A Place For All opened to the public with a huge celebration, ribbon cutting, and baseball games at the Miracle League Ball Field. The park, located at 600 M.Durwood Stephenson Hwy in Smithfield, NC, is only possible through the committed collaboration between the Partnership for Children of Johnston County, The Miracle League of Johnston County, the Town of Smithfield, Johnston County Leaders, and citizens.

"We Don't Stop Playing Because We Grow Old;
We Grow Old Because We Stop Playing"

In 2011, the Partnership for Children of Johnston County’s Board of Directors and The Miracle League of Johnston County had a vision that all children, regardless of ability, should be able to play together, in one space. “Our focus has always been accessibility for all abilities, making the experience inclusive for every child”, said Dwight Morris, Executive Director for the Partnership for Children of Johnston County. “Not only does it provide quality playground equipment but we also focused on making it a place with lots of sensory plants and trees for a true ‘park’ environment.  In fact, the park has created a place where adults who also have disabilities can access it all, allowing seniors to enjoy it and grandparents to play with their grandchildren.

Support Our Efforts

We are continuously working to enhance the play of all those who visit the park with additions as well as occasional equipment replacements.

We appreciate every single donation we get, no matter how small or big!

The park

The park is a large, natural space that everyone in Johnston County can enjoy, including children with special needs. It’s also a multi-generational space designed to accommodate adults with limited mobility, as well as children. All JoCo families have the chance to enjoy a day at the park, without anyone sitting on the sidelines.

The park includes lighted paths, benches, a little stream and a wind chime garden. All the play features are accessible to a child of any ability, including sand boxes and a water feature. The playground equipment allows children in wheelchairs or braces to swing and slide alongside their friends. For children who can get overstimulated, small calming huts give them a quiet place to retreat.

Miracle Field

The Miracle League field is a specially designed rubberized surface that helps prevent injuries and accommodate wheelchairs, walkers and other devices our players use. It also allows sufficient cushioning to aid in injury prevention when the children fall. The field and dugouts are barrier free and completely flat. Dugouts are built to allow easy access as well as player protection during games.  The dugouts are open and allow players and parents 360° visibility at all times.