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Supporting YOU

As an agency that is invested in ensuring that all children in Johnston County enter kindergarten ready to succeed, we understand just how critical YOU – the teachers and administrators in early education – really are!

Without you, our children wouldn’t have the continuous daily support they need to learn, to grow, and to thrive.

This is why we have an entire staff dedicated to helping you!

How Do We Support You?

Our Child Care Resource and Referral program is staffed by professionals who enjoy working hands-on in the classroom, helping teachers implement new ideas, activities and learning opportunities. It is a privilege to assist dedicated and hard working teachers and administrators. We work side-by-side as partners to incorporate enhancements to your classrooms.

Topics Include

  • Environmental Rating Scales (ERS)
  • Positive guidance techniques
  • Interactions
  • Teacher/Parent communications
  • Room arrangement
  • Professional Development
  • Support for challenging behaviors
  • Inclusion

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Teacher Trainings Created for You!

We also understand that quality care for children does not come easily! With the constantly changing classroom dynamics and added requirements from DCDEE, keeping up with professional development opportunities can be a lot!

Here is our Solution

We provide low cost trainings available both virtually and in person, meeting DCDEE requirements, like our ITS-SIDS training, and meeting special classroom needs, like trainings created for circle time, transitions, or biting in the classroom!. These trainings all come with a certificate of completion!

Gathered for You!

Whether you need some classroom activities that have been mentioned in trainings, or want to learn more about the Early Childhood Education field, or even if you need resources for health and safety in your classroom, we have your back!

we would love to help you!

For any additional questions, please reach out to our staff