child care health consultant

We help maintain health and safety
in child care centers!

What does that look like?

  • Provide consultation and coaching on health and safety practices to help programs prevent and manage injury and infectious disease
  • Develop strategies for inclusion of children with special health care needs
  • Support adherence to both child care rules, regulations, and best practices
  • Provide health and safety technical assistance and training
  • Help facilities develop and review policies and procedures
  • Facilitate referrals to community health and social service resources
  • Assist programs with quality improvement strategies

Why do we do this?

Studies have confirmed that a CCHC improves the health and safety of
children in early care and education programs by:

  • Increasing staff knowledge of health issues in child care settings
  • Increasing compliance with health and safety best practice standards
  • Improving the quality of health and safety policies and practices,
    including handwashing, sanitation, and safe sleep practices
  • Increasing the number of children who receive oral, developmental,
    vision, and hearing screenings and assessments
  • Improving children’s access to a medical home, enrollment in health
    insurance, and up-to-date immunization status
  • Strengthening environmental health practices
  • Promoting the inclusion of children with special health care needs

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