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We All Have Questions

Does my baby know my voice? My two-year-old is biting his sister – how do I stop him? Should a four-year-old be able to read? What about add or subtract? I went shopping and my daughter had a tantrum in the store – everyone was looking at us! How do I deal with these behaviors?

That's what we are here for

We understand that children do not come with a manual, so we have carefully hand picked the best parenting programs available and offer them regularly and flexibly. We aim to help you get back your confidence and control, so you can be the best parent or caregiver that you can possibly be!

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You Are Not Alone

Many parents and caregivers have the same questions as you! We don’t always understand our own adult selves, and it’s difficult to expect children to do something that we can’t manage as adults. It seems like the world is speeding up and everyone is struggling to keep up, so we put more and more pressure on ourselves to be better and stronger and faster – but that doesn’t always work. The first step towards happiness and harmony is knowing what to expect from your children, so you can set yourself and your child up for success!

Knowing what to expect Helps

Relationships are key for children

Sometimes that stress ends up being too much to handle as a parent, and children start to notice. Things change all the time and sometimes, completely unexpectedly, as we have seen with the Coronavirus pandemic. We know that parents and caregivers have done the best that they can – we don’t always have control over every little thing. What we do have control over, is our reaction to that stress.

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from challenges.

Every time that a caring adult reassures a child that their world is safe, resilience is strengthened. Every time we bounce back, even with help, we are raising our level of resilience. Relationships are key for children to build resilience. We strive to ensure that children and their parents and caregivers have the best relationship possible – one that is nurturing, caring, warm, and full of encouragement and reassurances. These positive relationships are what helps children buffer stressful relationships!

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We want you to be supported

For adults, knowing that there are places to go that can offer assistance when life has gotten too hectic to manage, or even when just one thing is out of whack, is an assurance that also helps build resilience. We want you to be supported so that you can then support your children!

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