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You're Not Alone

There isn’t a parent on the planet who hasn’t wondered how to handle a tantrum, what it means when their baby bites, or when they’re supposed to start practicing writing with their child. Nowadays, the pressure for perfection isn’t just on kids, it’s on parents, too! Take a deep breath with us! Thankfully, we have an entire department dedicated to helping you and your family with parenting and everything that comes along with that!

Supporting Families

We know that supporting the growth and success of children first stems from support to the family. Parents and caregivers are often the first teachers that children ever have, so we strive to ensure that those key role models for our future generations have a strong base to rely on.

Our Parenting Programs

At Partnership, we offer many support programs that range in intensity, urgency, and flexibility.

Incredible Years

This 16 week long interactive class is for parents of children 3-5 years old that want to focus on behavior management. You will watch videos and join in group discussions to learn a new strategy each week to help manage your child’s behavior.

Strategies include rules and routines, limit setting, praise and encouragement, and more!

Nuturing Parent

This 16 week long class is for parents of children 0-5 years old that want to explore different topics that may arise when raising children ages 0-5. It focuses mainly on creating a positive environment in the home by discussing topics like how to encourage making good choices, developing empathy, understanding discipline, and more!

Circle of Parents

This support group is ongoing and doesn’t require regular attendance, which means you can drop by whenever you feel you need some extra support! The group is led by the participants alongside a Facilitator that helps keep everyone on track!

Topics available currently are: Circle for Parents of Children with Special Needs


This fun playtime for families and their kiddos is ongoing and is completely drop in, so you don’t have to register in advance to come by and play! The class is led by a Facilitator who provides a story time, an activity based on the book you read, and additional time for free play. This is when parents and caregivers get tips and tricks for getting involved during their child’s playtime!

Triple P

The Positive Parenting Program can be taken in different ways! We have staff trained in varieties of this program that range in length (from a single session to a four session intense course) and in topics. Triple P covers topics like, shopping with your children to managing misbehaviors, to potty training and how to set up a sleep schedule. If there’s something that needs to be worked on, likely Triple P will have a solution.

Diaper Closet

We house a Diaper Closet where we are able to give families that come in diapers or pull ups and a pack of wipes per child. This service is available during our office hours, as long as supplies last. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment with a Family Support Specialist.

Car Seat Checks

Our partnership with Safe Kids Johnston County allows us to offer free car seat checks to any child aged 0-8 years old. We ensure that your child’s car seat is the right fit, is installed correctly, and that you learn the next steps!

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