what to expect when

children progress at their own pace

Children develop many of their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive skills during their early years. There are some milestones associated with typical growing cycles for children birth to five years old. Keep in mind that children progress at their own pace and these milestones are meant to be a general guide. If you have concerns about your child’s abilities, working with your pediatrician or family support worker can help you connect to helpful resources.

birth to 1 year

by year 1

by 2 years

by 3 years

by 4 years

by 5 years

What if I am worried about my child?

or What if my child needs more help?

When you’re concerned that your child is showing signs of delayed progress, it can feel overwhelming, even frightening. But you know your child and you’re doing the right thing by finding out if anything’s wrong. An assessment looks at the facts and combines parental and medical know-how to determine your child’s situation. The earlier a delay is identified, the sooner your child can get the support they need to begin overcoming those challenges.

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