Blog image - Partnership for Children Johnston County celebrates it's 25th Anniversary

The Partnership for Children of Johnston County Celebrates 25th Anniversary


In October the Partnership for Children of Johnston County celebrated 25 years of serving local children, families, and teachers. The Partnership was established in 1997 and has strived to improve the health, safety, and well-being of young children every day since. Throughout the organization’s history, there have been many successes that have made it possible for the Partnership to have such an impact on the county and its local communities. 

From the beginning, the Partnership set out to enhance the quality of childcare by providing technical assistance to teachers. In 2003 More at Four, now NC Pre-K, was established and the Partnership continues to register hundreds of four-year-olds to participate in the free, high- quality education program each year. The Partnership restored SafeKids Johnston County in 2009 and by 2014 the Partnership began offering in-house family support programming. The Partnership for Children Park was completed and opened in 2018 as the first inclusive place for all children to explore, play and learn in Johnston County. In 2019 the Partnership convened a collaborative group of stakeholders to organize Read to Grow Johnston County. The program aims to ensure all children read proficiently by third grade.

Blog image - Partnership for Children Johnston County celebrates it's 25th Anniversary

Dwight Morris, Executive Director, Suefan Johnson, Current Board Chair, and Allen Wellons, Board Chair

Through these milestones over the last 25 years, the Partnership continues to support its mission of effectively utilizing a multitude of resources to ensure that Johnston’s youngest residents and their families receive educational, health, and emotional support services, preparing children to enjoy lifelong success. By providing diapers, installing car seats, leading support groups, and offering training the Partnership has helped to train teachers, empower families, and encourage children. “I truly believe this staff helped to save my sanity and my son’s future!” says Partnership parent Amber Evans.

The staff honored 25 years’ worth of work with a celebratory gathering at the Clayton Center the October 20th. Filled with families, teachers, and community partners, staff was able to share their triumph with those who helped them reach this milestone. 

Together we can ensure that Johnston County’s future workforce is prepared for success in school and life.
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